about the book

This book “Thriving Through Life’s Transitions” is a memoir of Patricia A. Bell’s life.  This easy read memoir shares the author’s real-life experiences from her birth in 1949 through the devastation of her life’s transactions.  The highs and lows of her working life to becoming a successful Staff Chaplain and Substance Abuse Counselor working with Veterans.  Patricia also served as a Budget Analyst at the Department of Transportation.

In life we all face transactional periods.  These changes can invoke a range of emotions, from excitement to stress and depression.  But, quite often, how we respond to these moments impacts our outlook on life and our relationship with God and the people around us. 

Through rejection, loss, assault, and life-long secrets, Patricia found a way through prayer and faith in God to thrive despite her devastation.  If you are in a place where things don’t make sense and the light of hope is dim, this book is for you.  Thriving Through Life’s Transitions is not just a reflection of Patricia’s life.  It’s also a message of perseverance, faith and encouragement for those who have experienced what felt like more than their share of life’s twists and turns.  Patricia’s life experience has also taught her with God’s word as a pillar of strength, nothing is impossible. 

Thriving B